Reviews can be positive or negative. Whatever it is, you should accept and manage it in a proper manner. These activities are called reputation management. Reviews could gain more customers and build your business reputation. The more reviews you see means your business is well known. There are some ways you could do; they are phone review, web, email, and transcription from handwritten reviews. What you have to do is trying to call the customers first and ask them to give the online reviews at the end of the call. Also, you need to focus on the step for them to provide reviews. Make sure it is simple and easy to follow.

Remember to not giving incentives for the offer. Customers will not give you real online reviews if you offer it. But sometimes you cannot ask them for Yelp reviews because they have no account on Yelp. If it is possible, the online reviews will be easily gathered, and you need only to wait and give them feedback. See it in big companies tactic to get more online reviews. They offer their customers to provide the feedback directly after they open the companies website or making transactions. This step is beneficial to gain more online reviews.

On the other hand, you could try to ask customers reviews after three days of visiting the web or doing some transaction. It is better to follow up again after the review submission. As long as you give a comfortable place for the customer to put their review, you could gain more online reviews quickly. Customers do not want to waste their time on providing reviews with a complicated step. As a business owner, you also cannot avoid negative reviews. It builds your business reputation if you could manage them well. Sometimes, the negative reviews could attract more reviews. This will create the pro and contra group of customers.

Getting more online reviews cannot always be simple, especially for new business. Customers characteristic are various. It is a time to show your business manner, especially to handle the negative reviews. Online reviews should give a place for customers to provide their reviews, easy, and honestly. Therefore, you need practical online tools for it and let the expert helps you with it. Whenever the customers do not want to give the right away reviews, it is time for you to remind them and follow up their response. You do not have to push them; you need to remember them in the right manner.

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